Why choose Si-PLus Silicone wiper blade?

Strong water repellent effect, clearer vision

The low surface tension of silicone rubber gives it a special hydrophobic characteristic. However, the ordinary silicone rubber material has a very large friction coefficient, which does not meet the wiping requirements of the wiper refills. This is also the reason why many inferior silicone wiper blades have serious jitter, chatter and noise during use. Therefore, this special modified silica gel material of Mita can give play to its hydrophobic properties while solving the disadvantages of ordinary silica gel such as high friction coefficient, easy tearing, high noise and so on.



Mita silicone wiper blade applies an invisible water-repellent film coating onto the windshield after moving the wiper blade across the clean dry windshield for just 3 minute. This kind of coating fills the penetration of water molecules, which promotes continuous water beading and makes droplets bounce off the glass in inclement weather. When at a speed of 80Km/h, the raindrops rolling backwards and flying up, which maintains a clear view even without turning on the wiper. It greatly reduces the frequency of rain wiping and ensures the safety of driving in rainy days.


Good weather resistance leads to a super longer blade life.

Ordinary rubber will gradually age and crack during long-term exposure to harsh environmental conditions, such as ozone, UV rays, and chemicals. MITA modified silica material has good weather resistance, no deformation at high temperature up to 200℃ and no hardening at low temperature to -50℃. Due to no influence of ultraviolet rays, the lifespan of the wiper blade is greatly extended.


Sustainable lifetime coating

The difference between Mita silicone wiper blade and the normal silicone wiper blades is that the wiper refills of the former have a sustainable lifetime coating effect.
The rubber refills used in normal rubber wipers are coated with a coating on the surface of the strip, which can also make automotive glass achieve water repellent effect, also known as silicone wiper blades. However, as the friction created during use of the wiper, the coating gradually falls off, and the coating effect gradually weakens and disappears. It also makes the wipers produce noise and beating. The Mita silicone wiper blades contain special water-repellent factor inside the wiper refills and each time the wipers are turned on, the coating is automatically restored to achieve a long-lasting coating effect.

Si-Plus silicone wiper blades, brings the weather resistance of the silica gel into full play.
At the same time, natural vulcanization will not occur and never aging. More effective resistance to ultraviolet and ozone damage to wipers! Its lifespan is 3x longer than the normal wiper blades.


Smooth and Quiet


Safe, environmentally friendly, stable performance


9 kinds of adaptors, can fit for 99% car models

Si-Plus silicone wiper blades can be matched with 9 kinds of adaptors that are perfectly compatible with different types of cars, bring convenience to consumers ,reduce inventory for businesses and save costs.



Pivot structure design

Si-Plus silicone wiper blade adopts fulcrum structure, which the radian is more precise to better fits the glass surface and leads to cleaner wiping.