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Si-Wiper Blade

Windshield Silicone Wiper Blade (DS) Pack of 1

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Wiper Blade Features:

For Universal fit for all "J" or "U" hook wiper arm.

  • Water repellent silicone gel formula
  • Lifetime continuous coating wipers
  • 3 times the service life, the silicone strip will never age and crack.
  • The silicone strip does not harden at -50 °C and does not deform at -200 °C
  • UV and ozone resistance
  • 80° + water splashing angle
  • Better brushing effect, less motor brushing times.





  • Water splash effect compared with other wiper blade
  • Amazing water repellent effect:
  • When using the Si-Plus silicone wiper, a strong water-repellent coating can be formed on the glass surface, so that the rainwater becomes water droplets and rolls down naturally.
  • Safer to drive:
  • Si-Plus silicone wiper water-repellent coating technology makes the rain become water droplets, which can enable the driver to obtain a wider field of vision and a longer sight distance, which greatly improves the driving safety factor.
  • Continuous water-repellent, lifetime coating:
  • Si-Plus Japanese patented silicone wiper, the water-repellent factor is evenly distributed inside the strip, and the water-repellent coating will be repaired every time you brush to achieve the effect of continuous lifetime coating.
  • Compared to Ordinary silicone wiper:
  • Others Spray water-repellent agent only on the surface of the rubber strip. After 3 months of use, it will leak out naturally, the effect of water-repellent coating disappears, and noise vibration occurs.
  • Compared to Ordinary rubber wiper:
  • There is no water-repellent coating effect for other wipers, the water-repellent effect is poor, and the view is blocked in rainy days. High friction wiper contact on the windscreen might cause juddering while wiping.

We are a factory relying on Mita Japan headquarter and 50 years of experience.