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Water Repellant Glass Coating Agent

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Heard of  friends or colleagues touting the benefits of a water repellent product for car windows.

If you’ve never applied them to your car windows, you’re missing out on their benefits.

✔When applied, water repellent products create a hydrophobic layer on automotive glass.

✔This helps prevent moisture and water from building up.

✔It also helps the airflow push the water drops away when you accelerate.

If you want a water repellent that’s quicker and easier to use, get yourself a bottle of this.

Don’t be fooled by its “handy” size.

You only need a little product to cover each of your car windows.

✔Effect duration last for 3-6 months.

✔Per bottle could could last up to 30 applications.

✔This does not require multiple coats and buffing.

✔This makes applying water repellent to your wing mirrors more convenient.

As long as your glass is clean, you can just spray it on and wipe to ensure even coverage.

Allow 5mins to dry and it doesn’t have a strong solvent smell.